Powerful but Lightest ERP for Trading Business

- Fast order input and navigate - Automatic Purchase Order generation - Gross Margin and Profit Margin - Tailor Made Layout Report - Keep your inventory low but enough - Fast deployment and cost effective

Improvement in Traceability & Warehouse Efficiency
Inventory Cost by Reducing Inventory Ageing
Data Integrity & Accuracy
Human Power Efficiency

Trading Business requires a very user friendly ERP system for the users to process all the documents in an easy but accurate way. It has been years that Trading Business is looking for a simple yet comprehensive ERP system. Traditional ERP is too heavy for the trading company to highly utilize all the functions. Yet the cost of those ERP system is very high. Trading company highly concerns the ROI of the investment on these systems. Although trading companies’ workflow is relatively simple compared to manufacturers, a good ERP system is necessary for the company to achieve a high management standard.

OSCG Odoo Trading Business Solution provides a conventional best practice to manage a trading company using a specifically designed ERP system. It provides tracking and linkage of all the documents in a trading transactions. It also helps the warehouse staff to organize the warehouse and location in a clear picture. Accounting and Financial apartment can easily obtain the Gross Margin and Profit Margin for each customer or each order which is critical for the trading companies.

Trading Business is fast-paced and require agile response

There are many documents generated per order, even a 10 dollar order

Multi-Warehouse and Multi-Currency always cause confusion and mistake

Manual process involves many duplicated input. e.g. Sales Order -> Delivery Order -> Invoice -> Purchase Order -> Goods Receiving Note…

Accounting department always need to double entry of the original documents and do the book keeping separately

Human errors are very common

Lose tracking of an order will be very costly

Many company faces cross-boarder multiple company operations

Hard to manage consignment and assembly order due to lack of material master

Hard to maintain a good receivable and payable account condition

It takes couple of days for the management to get a managerial report from the corresponding department

Hard to monitor a real time company operation

In early stage, OSCG started with a project for a small trading company with multiple warehouse around the world. OSCG managed to complete the project in two months use a phase by phase approach to meet the annual accounting deadline. OSCG also provides audit assistance service and the customer was able to pass the audit successfully using all the data, reports generated from Odoo. Since then, OSCG has been providing solutions to more than twenty Trading Customers and we are specializing in dealing with Hong Kong – China Cross-Boarder company. We also tailor made some special features on Odoo to provide an even better and simpler system to Trading Business.

Feature Type Major Functions Highlights
System Level
  • Fully Web-Based
  • Cloud Solution is available
  • Full Support and Maintenance Service
  • Free License
  • Fast deployment and Low Cost
  • Extensive modules available
  • Accounting Audit Assistance Service is available
Sales Management
  • Create Quotation
  • Sales Order List and Status
  • Manage Pricelist
  • Customer Master Data
  • Product Master Data
  • Manage salesman and sales team
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Built-in CRM
  • and etc…
  • Different views for better presentation
  • Excel like order input
  • Store and maintain important information for automatic extraction
Purchase Management
  • Create RFQ
  • Multi-level approval process
  • Color scheme for different PO status in PO list
  • PO Merge Function
  • Supplier Master Data
  • Product Master Data
  • Manage Supplier Pricelist
  • Manage MOQ and SPQ
  • Automatic PO generation according to Sales Order or Stock Level
  • Quality Control Integrated
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce human error
  • Excel like order input
  • Easier trace the relationship between Sales Order and Purchase Order
  • Prioritize and schedule the work for Purchasing Staff
Warehouse Management
  • Comprehensive warehouse management functions
  • Goods receiving (from PO)
  • Delivery order (from SO)
  • Internal moves
  • Multi-warehouse and locations
  • Stock taking
  • Virtual locations
  • Safety stock (minimum order point)
  • Chained locations
  • Manage Return Goods
  • Quality Control Integrated
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce workload for warehouse staff
  • Strong trace-ability of product stock moves
  • Real time stock level
  • Setting minimum stock rule to prevent out-of-stock situation
  • Back-Dated stock level calculation and Back-Dated stock taking capability
Accounting Management
  • Comprehensive accounting functions for audit purpose
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Payment Management
  • Multi-Currency Management
  • Payment Terms Management
  • Bank Statement
  • Manual Book Keeping and adjustment capability
  • Credit note and debit note
  • Tax Management
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce workload for accounting staff
  • 80% of entries are generated from other modules of the system
  • Abundant accounting reports
  • Data integrity with other source documents
  • Quotation, Sales Order, Proforma Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Note, Commercial Invoice
  • Sales Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Payment Voucher
  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, General Ledger
  • Partner Ledger, Partner Aging Report, Partner Balance and Overdue Payment
  • Sales-Purchase Mapping Report
  • Shipment Report
  • Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Stock Move Analysis, Invoice Analysis, Cashflow Analysis
  • and etc…
    Both layout reports and management reports can be tailor made to fulfill special needs in a very quick and low cost manner