Fully Integrated & Modern Cloud POS

- Support Touch Screen Device - Support Barcode Reader - Multiple Payment Method - Real Time Transaction Monitoring - Real Time Stock Level Management - Integration with Warehouse, Purchasing and Accounting - One System, Unlimited Terminals

Overview - A Modern, Integrated and Clean Retail - Point of Sales Solution

Retail business relies largely on Point of Sales. Traditional POS normally is a client based (on-premise) hardware with some embedded software. Nowadays, new retailers requires more instance data collection, responsive inventory monitoring and more integrated system with companies' other business department.

OSCG Odoo Point of Sales Solution is specially designed for small and medium chain enterprises to help enterprises easily connect marketing, sales and inventory. Through various sales channels and instance analysis, you can establish a much better relationship with customers, a real time inventory updates, and quicker purchases and logistic processes. The solution greatly improves work efficiency and reduces human errors.

Typical Problems in Retail ERP

Isolation of front end system and back end system

Hard bundle of Hardware and Software

Poor cash and inventory control due to lack of real time data validation

Slow reaction on the replenishment of the products

Out dated system UI and features

Hard to customize

Consolidation of data requires a lot of offline calculation and human efforts

OSCG Odoo Point of Sales Solution

Extensive hardware compatibility: The system is based on B/S and HTML5 mobile adaptive technology, with good hardware compatibility, and can be used directly on various Pads, laptops, and ordinary cash registers.

Support offline cashier: The system solves the problem that the B/S structure cannot work offline. Even though the store is disconnected from the network, the system still can work. After the network is restored, the system automatically uploads the orders to the server.

Complete retail functions: cash register, pending order, zero reset, shift management, store replenishment, inventory, online to offline processes, membership and loyalty, gift exchange, various promotional rules (special goods, full discount, buy two get one free, buy A get free B, etc.), various gift voucher cards (gift voucher, card issuance, recharge, consumption).

Scalability: installing Odoo ERP's retail modules can realize O2O applications, install purchasing, inventory, production, financial and other modules, a unified platform to achieve all business needs. Unique restaurant cashier modules: other than the ordinary cash register functions, table management is added, which can be directly applied to the cash register of chain restaurants

Feature Type Major Functions Highlights
System Level
  • Fully Web-Based
  • Cloud Solution is available
  • Full Support and Maintenance Service
  • Free License
  • Fast deployment and Low Cost
  • Extensive modules available
  • Accounting Audit Assistance Service is available
Sales Management
  • Create Quotation
  • Sales Order List and Status
  • Manage Pricelist
  • Customer Master Data
  • Product Master Data
  • Manage salesman and sales team
  • Leads and Opportunities
  • Built-in CRM
  • and etc…
  • Different views for better presentation
  • Excel like order input
  • Store and maintain important information for automatic extraction
Purchase Management
  • Create RFQ
  • Multi-level approval process
  • Color scheme for different PO status in PO list
  • PO Merge Function
  • Supplier Master Data
  • Product Master Data
  • Manage Supplier Pricelist
  • Manage MOQ and SPQ
  • Automatic PO generation according to Sales Order or Stock Level
  • Quality Control Integrated
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce human error
  • Excel like order input
  • Easier trace the relationship between Sales Order and Purchase Order
  • Prioritize and schedule the work for Purchasing Staff
Warehouse Management
  • Comprehensive warehouse management functions
  • Goods receiving (from PO)
  • Delivery order (from SO)
  • Internal moves
  • Multi-warehouse and locations
  • Stock taking
  • Virtual locations
  • Safety stock (minimum order point)
  • Chained locations
  • Manage Return Goods
  • Quality Control Integrated
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce workload for warehouse staff
  • Strong trace-ability of product stock moves
  • Real time stock level
  • Setting minimum stock rule to prevent out-of-stock situation
  • Back-Dated stock level calculation and Back-Dated stock taking capability
Accounting Management
  • Comprehensive accounting functions for audit purpose
  • Account Receivable
  • Account Payable
  • Payment Management
  • Multi-Currency Management
  • Payment Terms Management
  • Bank Statement
  • Manual Book Keeping and adjustment capability
  • Credit note and debit note
  • Tax Management
  • and etc…
  • Dramatically reduce workload for accounting staff
  • 80% of entries are generated from other modules of the system
  • Abundant accounting reports
  • Data integrity with other source documents
  • Quotation, Sales Order, Proforma Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Delivery Note, Commercial Invoice
  • Sales Invoice, Credit Note, Debit Note, Payment Voucher
  • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance, General Ledger
  • Partner Ledger, Partner Aging Report, Partner Balance and Overdue Payment
  • Sales-Purchase Mapping Report
  • Shipment Report
  • Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Stock Move Analysis, Invoice Analysis, Cashflow Analysis
  • and etc…
    Both layout reports and management reports can be tailor made to fulfill special needs in a very quick and low cost manner