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The Company

Industry: International Trade

Number of users: 30

Introduction: Established in 1994, it has been successfully committed to selecting, promoting and selling innovative, high-quality and cost-effective solutions in the domestic shipping, marine, and petrochemical industries. Our ability to identify matching products and its ability to promote in the customer network has enabled the company's performance to continue to develop in the industry and enjoy a high reputation for a long time.

Office location: Hong Kong and Shanghai offices

Implementation by OSCG

The Challenge

There are many companies under Tecway Group, which have been using Microsoft’s Navision system before. For many years, Navision has not been able to meet the business needs of the group, and only used as a financial system.

With the development of business, Tecway Group is eager to get CRM and other functions to help control business processes to be systematically separated from Excel

The finance department and the boss also want to accurately see the profit of each order and the profit of each team

The Solution

We have suggested several stages of implementation for our clients

First Stage: a new CRM

Bring the concept of CRM into the group

Enable management to closely monitor and track every business opportunity

全球第一免费开源ERP Odoo 成功案例分享—德炜集团

全球第一免费开源ERP Odoo 成功案例分享—德炜集团

Second stage: Profit Analysis

Implement multi-dimensional profit analysis

From the profit estimation of the quotation to the final financial statement profit analysis

Generate income statement analysis from the perspective of order, salesperson, and sales team

全球第一免费开源ERP Odoo 成功案例分享—德炜集团

全球第一免费开源ERP Odoo 成功案例分享—德炜集团

Third Stage: a complete ERP function

The implementation integrates sales, purchasing, warehouse, finance, and human resources

Greatly reduce cross-departmental business duplication

Improve the overall operating efficiency of the company

Fourth Stage: Data Migration

Migrate historical financial data in Navision to Odoo system