Implemented By

OS Consulting Group Limited (5 reference(s))

OS Consulting Group Limited
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The Company

AvanMontory (this name is made up due to confidentiality) sells mobile phones and accessories over more than 50 retail branches all over the Philippine. The management of the company is based in Hong Kong though. The daily POS orders could reach 5,000. The company also has some minor wholesale and trading business along with the retail business.

The Challenge

The company was running OpenBravo for half a year and the management decides to drop it due to the performance issues as well as the other enterprise processes could not be easily achieved by OpenBravo. The huge data input every day becomes one of the bottleneck that AvanMontory needs to conquer. There is another high demanding requirement is the offline capability of the system as the 3G network that each branches are using is very unstable and sometimes could be out for days. The system also needs to be very user-friendly and easy to operate by the branch staff by using Barcode Reader. Moreover, since the management is located overseas, a very strict cash control management needs to be implemented to guarantee the profit of the company is well managed.

The Solution

The implementation was conducted in two Parts.

In Part 1 (two months for POS front end):

  • Point of Sales interface optimization
  • Offline capability optimization
  • Barcode Reader Integration
  • Do Matrix Print for invoices integration
  • Multiple Point of Sales and Shops set up
  • Cash Management Improvement and increase the user control

In Part 2 (back office):

  • Stock Management
  • Sales and Stock Reports
  • Back office operations
  • Purchasing Management
  • Accounting Management

The Result

The POS front end was deployed less than two months after the start of the project. The front end is now accessed from all the branches and it meets all the requirement of the customer’s expectation on a good point of sales terminal. There is only one netbook, one standard barcode reader, one dot-matrix machine and one 3G mobile card are needed for each of its branch to do all its work everyday. The back office is also very happy with the more accurate stock level and the cash control process. Moreover, the management can monitor the entire operations real-time from 1000 km away!